DONE!!! \(@o@)/

I though the mushrooms would be faster to do, but NO! èAé;;;

At least they were fun to paint because of their funny shapes and colors. ^v^

Yay, I’m done with this order! (If they don’t ask for another panel of species “for yesterday coz we’re already late”, when I send them these illustrations… >3>; ) I can come back at my own projects ♥

But for the moment, eat and sleep, before I faint… XD;


Yami > Et moi je trouve justement tes badges oiseaux et fleurs trop choulis… ♥


Deconstructed Binding Studies by Benjamin Reynaert

Selection of various exposed-spine or “deconstructed” bindings. These sewing patterns have been learned through study and many are original techniques I have developed that expose the structure of the binding and reveal all of the elements of a handmade book. 


Jim Kazanjian.

Untitled (object), 2011.

Untitled (folly), 2011.


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